Freedom of Architectural Expression

Our Story

Structuur is the sole manufacturer of architectural cladding in Tasmania

Thanks to German technology in the form of a metal fabrication machine affectionately known as Quadro, Structuur taps into Europe’s cutting-edge engineering heritage while still planted in Tasmanian architectural ingenuity. You get the best of both worlds.

All of our products are fully customisable, giving you freedom of architectural expression.

The Structuur team incorporates skilled employees from varying backgrounds with experience in roofing, cladding and structural engineering. They work with architects and builders every day and understand exactly how a building transforms from a drawing on paper to a habitable structure.

Our depth of knowledge in the industry allows us to remain youthfully enthusiastic and always on the scout for innovative ways to clad your dream.

Structuur is the Dutch word for texture, fabric, substance: the raw materials for building something great.